Brushmarkers #2

Hello and welcome to this final post of the year from me!


So here’s where we left off last time, having used the Sky Blue brushmarker to add shading that varies from bold to subtle. The brushmarkers are a very exciting addition to your toolbox as an artist!


Above I’ve worked into the image more and more with the sky blue brushmarker, using it to create rich gradient shadows on the sleeves, leg warmers, and droplets, as well as the hair! Being able to fade the colour out with simply how much pressure you apply to the pen makes for a great effect on paper.


suetoHere’s the finished artwork, as well as the progress shots! After using the brush marker to achieve rich shadows, I added highlights with opaque white paint pens, leading to a bright and vibrant image.

I’d heartily recommend the brush pens, I’m personally very excited to see the range expand out into brush pens and can’t wait to pick up more for myself!

About En Gingerboom

I’m a non-binary transgender queer storyteller with an interest in philosophical and societal issues. Above all, I’m interested in humanity, compassion and equality, which tend to be what my comics are about! I'm a member of UK-based manga studio Sweatdrop, and you can find my work at P.S. My pronouns are ey, em, and eir, but they, them and their are acceptable too.
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