Brushmarkers #1

Hello all! I thought I’d do a quick look at the new Windsor & Newton brushmarkers, because they’re a very exciting development.


The Sweatdrop Studios mascot makes for a great subject to use markers with, given how bright and vibrant her character is. I begin with a layer of powder blue promarker for her light blue clothing, to give a good uniform base on which to use the brushmarker.


Using the Sky Blue brushmarker, I’m able to create gradient shadows, which is ultra cool! I’ve used it to show how the shadows are stronger the closer they are to the part of her casting the shadow, and lighter the further away they are. It’s also well suited to showing shape within her droplet hat, it’s darker where it meets her skin and lighter towards the top.

sueto3I used sky blue promarkers for the darker blue she wears – which does make it harder to lay down shadows with the same colour brush marker, but not impossible. In fact, it can make for some great subtleties! If you notice her shoes, the brushmarker is able to fade the shading out perfectly. I’ve also begun to add the highlights that help to differentiate the surface of her droplets.

Join me next time when we’ll finish off this cute marker picture!

About En Gingerboom

I’m a non-binary transgender queer storyteller with an interest in philosophical and societal issues. Above all, I’m interested in humanity, compassion and equality, which tend to be what my comics are about! I'm a member of UK-based manga studio Sweatdrop, and you can find my work at P.S. My pronouns are ey, em, and eir, but they, them and their are acceptable too.
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