Drawing a Face looking Up

Continuing the series on drawing Manga characters, this tutorial is about drawing faces looking up.

It uses the same guidelines for the front and other views, but adding a 3D effect to the curve of the browline. As parts of the face are closer to you and others are further away, perspective changes their shape, size and gaps between them.

face up 1

When you draw the guidelines for an upwards view, the egg-shaped face template is not as long as the face is tilting away from you, so you don’t see the full length. The brow line curves upwards to match the angle the character is facing in. Remember, due to perspective, the nose and mouth markers will be placed slightly higher than at their usual halfway points.

face up 2

Because the eyes are placed on a surface which is curving upwards, their shape also curves up. You see the underside of the nose, so the nostrils and their shape are more prominent. The curved brow line indicates that you must draw the ears at a lower level than the eyes. The shape of the chin and jawline becomes shallow as the face tilts up, and gradually inverts as more of the underside of the chin becomes apparent. The hairline goes higher and the top of the head slips out of sight.

face up 3


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