How to colour skin with Promarkers – Tutorial video

How to colour skin with Promarkers seems to be one of the most requested tutorials, so here I break down the process I used to colour Andy Murray’s face with realistic skin tones. Read on to find out more…

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I start with the face outlined and inked with Letraset Fineliners…Fineliner 7

Then, I choose 5 colours to draw the skin with, ranging from light (Satin) to dark (Cinnamon)


I work from lightest to darkest, building up my colours and tones like a watercolour painting, so my first colour is Satin. I use this everywhere I’m going to put colour and leave any strong areas of highlight as the white of the page.

andy murray 1

The light source is coming from his left so I know I’m going to get highlights on his left side and strong shadows on his right side.


Such a great colour for doing skin with as it’s just a bit darker than the other light skin colours in the Promarker series so it’s a logical next step as my shadows get darker. I apply the Dusky Pink over the Satin, working quickly so the colours stay wet and are better for blending together. andy murray 2I do not cover over all the Satin, as I make sure some of that light colour shows through on the edges. If I keep doing this with all my colours, I should achieve depth and give the face a 3D look… hopefully ;)

3. BLENDING… More Satin!

Because I want the skin tones to blend really well, I use Satin to blend in the edge of Satin/Dusky Pink before I go onto my 3rd colour. I might have been able to wait until I put my third colour on but I figure I may as well blend now while they are still wet.

andy murray 3

So basically I just carefully go over the edge where the 2 colours blend to make the change from one colour to the next more gradual. I will do this A LOT as I work through my 5 colours…!


Because Andy Murray is a human and not a Manga character, his skin has a range of colour and tone, including some darker areas of shadow. Here I used Coral which is a skin colour on the red/brown end of the spectrum to push the shadow on his face a little darker. andy murray 4

Again, I try hard not to cover all the Satin and Dusky Pink colours underneath, just to try and blend the edges for that gradual change from one to the next. I work back through Dusky Pink and Satin along the dark edges to try and do this blending and soften those edges.andy murray 5


I use cinnamon marker as my last dark skin colour. It’s a good warm brown colour and fills in the deepest shadows really well.andy murray 6

then I have to use the other colours and work down through them from Coral to Satin in order to blend the edges softly and carefully.andy murray 7


There is a lot of ‘blue reflected light’ in the picture so I wanted to introduce a cold colour into the skin at some point. I decided that I would use one of the Ice Greys to do this, as they are the greys with a blue tinge (the Warm Greys have a brown tinge instead). I use the Ice Grey sparingly, just loosely over some of the Cinnamon areas to add that slightly cooler colour to the shadows.andy murray 8

And that’s just about it for the process! I just repeat this process on all the areas of the face until the whole face is coloured. I don’t try to colour the face all in one go as it’s too difficult to blend the whole thing in one go.  This way of working around the face in a clockwise fashion and working in chunks just makes it easier for me.

andy murray 9

This is what he looked like when the colours had dried. The skin colours are probably a bit lighter than I wanted but because I left white paper highlights that are strong I think it just about works :)

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