How to use the Blender Pen: Tutorial/Video

So you’ve got some Promarkers and they came with a ‘Blender Pen’, but you have no idea how to use it or what its for? Fear not and read on as I share a few simple tips to get the most out of your Blender Pen…

And if you just can’t wait, then WATCH the video tutorial below:

So… what CAN you do with a Blender Pen??!

 1. BLEND 2 or more colours together
I found that you could get a gently blended effect with the blender pen and 2 or more colours. I achieved this by laying down the Blender Pen FIRST and then putting the other colours down on top.blender on paper 1
If you really tried to saturate the paper with the Blender Pen first, then the colours you put down afterwards naturally blended together on the wet surface.  The example below shows a simple tree, drawn using 2 colours; Lime Green & Pear Green.
blender on paper 7
I ‘coloured in’ the tree first using the Blender pen, then quickly applied the Lime Green, followed by the Pear Green. This method softened the edges of the colours and made them blend quite softly.

2. BLEND a colour into the paper…

I also found that if I applied the colour FIRST and then used the Blender Pen to go along the edge of that colour, I could blend or fade it out into the white paper.
blender on top of marker 1
In this picture I put Lime Green down, drawing from left to right. Then, I used the Blender Pen to work back into the Lime Green, from right to left, pressing down more lightly as the Blender went over the green colour. This had the effect of fading out the colour as the Blender went over it, making a gradual change from the colour to the white of the paper.
BE CAREFUL though, because if you overdo the Blender, you’ll just get a big pale patch, like you dropped bleach on your drawing :O

3. BLENDER used to add soft highlights…

I had noticed before that the blender pen could fade out a colour, so I wondered if it could add highlights to a colour you might have already drawn? Well, it turned out that it could!
blender as highlights 1
Firstly, I drew two flat circles of colour using the Pear Green, as flat and even as I could make them. Then, I used the Blender Pen to draw a highlight on the left side of the circle.blender as highlights 2
By working the Blender back and forth over one side, it faded out the colour, making it look like the light was striking the side of a sphere!  The picture below shows how subtle that highlight can be when compared to the strong contrast of a white gel/paint pen.
blender as highlights 3

There you have it – 3 simple tips for getting more out of your Blender Pen :)

Just one of these techniques could change how you work with your Promarkers and maybe make it easier for you…
Have a go and see what you think!

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How easy is that?

NEXT MONTH: Drawing a Rose in ‘layers’ with Promarkers…



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