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Drawing outlines & textures with Letraset Fineliners – Tutorial/video

Outlining with Fineliners is something you can do BEFORE you use your Promarkers and it might make your drawing a bit more dynamic! Here I share how I use them for this drawing of tennis legend, Andy Murray. There are 4 different thicknesses of Letraset Fineliner available and I tend to use the 0.1 (thinnest) and the 0.5 (middle […]

Safmat Teachers Gifts

hi again folks, well that’s the kids in Scotland now on holiday so I’ve been busy this week making teachers gifts and cards. Both my girls have a class teacher and a classroom assistant, so that’s 4 gifts to make. I started making gifts for the teachers 11 years ago when my son started school, […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #3

Hello all! Last time I went through the process of designing characters with an emphasis on legibility and reproduction (after all, what is a comic if you cannot read it?). This time, I’ll be going into tonal planning! Now I have covered tonal planning before, and the in-depth explanations in that post are very worth […]

Colouring folds photo tutorial – Follow on from last post

Good morning all, this is a little later than expected, but please find the winner of my last Promarker giveaway over on my blog HERE along with an apology for the delay. Following on from my last Letraset post (which you can find HERE) where I demonstrated how to colour simple folds, using the guidelines already provided by […]

Zendoodle Teapot

Good morning all, yay its nearly the weekend, what have you all got planned? You can find this post and more Letraset posts and Promarker projects on my  BLOG HERE. This week I decided to have a little play and do something different. It’s not quite finished yet and needs to be added to a project […]

New Year, New Samples

Happy New Year folks, Well it’s a new year, and I’m making some new sample boards for this year’s demonstrations and classes. I thought I’d re-jig my surfaces board – I use this to illustrate some of the different media and surfaces you can use promarkers and flexmarkers on for art and craft projects. As […]

Manga Character Design: High Fantasy

The Manga universe wouldn’t be complete without some fantasy series. Well-loved in prose fiction, plays and now various films, we all enjoy tales of epic adventure, chivalry and magic. It is a huge genre to cover however, so I’m going to start off with some pointers on designing ‘High Fantasy’ characters. Much of this sort […]

Tonal Value: Lighting A Scene #8

Welcome to this final post in this series exploring how to light a scene! It’s been quite a journey, but it’s time to wrap this space station scene up. Here’s where we left off last time, with the bulk of the scene rendered. The remaining tasks are detail tasks, adding nuances that lend the scene […]