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Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #4

Hello all! So last time, we started the tonal plan of the comic, and this time we’re beginning thumbnails.   The opening spread of the story is a very tonally dark one. The main character is alone, and even towards the end of the second page; a little frightened. As a narrative/sequential artist, it’s your […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #3

Hello all! Last time I went through the process of designing characters with an emphasis on legibility and reproduction (after all, what is a comic if you cannot read it?). This time, I’ll be going into tonal planning! Now I have covered tonal planning before, and the in-depth explanations in that post are very worth […]

Manga Character Design – Victorian England

Hi everyone! Today I thought I’d talk about designing characters to fit into an English Victorian setting. This is another case where I have actual practical examples – I’m taking the designs from a short story I drew several years ago. The main character in the story is a middle class woman in her thirties, […]

Manga Character Design: Chinese Ghosts

Hello everyone! Today we’re still in China, but the spookier, scarier parts instead. China is famous for its ghost stories, so let’s take a look at a couple of classic Chinese ghosts. The first, and probably the most famous, is the chiang-shih – or hopping ghost. Though people call it a ghost, it’s actually more […]

Manga Character Design: Modern Chinese Fashion and the Cheongsam

Hi everyone. Today I thought I would talk a little about the cheongsam. Generally modern fashion in China is very influenced by Western style. So if you want to add a little more traditional Chinese flavour to your designs, the cheongsam is the ideal garment. Not only because it is very iconically Chinese, but also […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #2

Hello! Today we’ll continue on from the previous post (found here), in which I worked to find a colour palette perfect for print reproduction in both colour and black and white. With a few adjustments (darker tones for shadow colours, for B&W reproduction), the palette was ready, so this post is more about the technical […]

Manga Character Design – Fantasy 2

Hello everyone! I thought today I should go back and take another look at fantasy designs, and add a couple of female characters into the mix. Both of them are practical examples from my own comics too, so I can explain the design decisions I made with real examples. The first is the chief of […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #1

Hello and welcome back! It’s been a while since the last post, and now it’s time to spring back into action and put everything we’ve learned about value into a project! Over the next series of posts, I’ll be working on a short comic that is part of a new anthology by Sweatdrop Studios coming […]