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Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #4

Hello all! So last time, we started the tonal plan of the comic, and this time we’re beginning thumbnails.   The opening spread of the story is a very tonally dark one. The main character is alone, and even towards the end of the second page; a little frightened. As a narrative/sequential artist, it’s your […]

Adventures with Manga Coloring

  This post is for those who are afraid to try something new.  I have never colored a Manga image, but I have seen such glorious art; I wanted to try it.  I know this is a learning curve, and if mistakes are made, I will know for the next time what to do better! […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #2

Hello! Today we’ll continue on from the previous post (found here), in which I worked to find a colour palette perfect for print reproduction in both colour and black and white. With a few adjustments (darker tones for shadow colours, for B&W reproduction), the palette was ready, so this post is more about the technical […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #1

Hello and welcome back! It’s been a while since the last post, and now it’s time to spring back into action and put everything we’ve learned about value into a project! Over the next series of posts, I’ll be working on a short comic that is part of a new anthology by Sweatdrop Studios coming […]

Tonal Value: Promarkers Limited Edition Autumn/Fall/Winter set

Hello all, and welcome to this post on the Limited Edition Autumn/Fall/Winter promarker set! Here we’ll be going through an illustration from start to finish, using the markers from this set, as well as the Spring/Summer set from earlier this year! These two sets compliment each other extremely well, and make for a great versatile […]

Manga Character Design: High Fantasy

The Manga universe wouldn’t be complete without some fantasy series. Well-loved in prose fiction, plays and now various films, we all enjoy tales of epic adventure, chivalry and magic. It is a huge genre to cover however, so I’m going to start off with some pointers on designing ‘High Fantasy’ characters. Much of this sort […]

Tonal Value: Lighting A Scene #8

Welcome to this final post in this series exploring how to light a scene! It’s been quite a journey, but it’s time to wrap this space station scene up. Here’s where we left off last time, with the bulk of the scene rendered. The remaining tasks are detail tasks, adding nuances that lend the scene […]

Tonal Value: Lighting A Scene #7

Welcome back to Lighting A Scene! We’re almost done with this space station illustration, and this post we’ll be concentrating on the figures. The tonal plan – pictured above – has already been settled on, so the task is mostly to carry it out and address any issues that crop up. It’s worth mentioning some […]