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How to colour skin with Promarkers – Tutorial video

How to colour skin with Promarkers seems to be one of the most requested tutorials, so here I break down the process I used to colour Andy Murray’s face with realistic skin tones. Read on to find out more… Don’t forget the giveaway at the end of the blog… OR watch the video TUTORIAL right […]

Drawing outlines & textures with Letraset Fineliners – Tutorial/video

Outlining with Fineliners is something you can do BEFORE you use your Promarkers and it might make your drawing a bit more dynamic! Here I share how I use them for this drawing of tennis legend, Andy Murray. There are 4 different thicknesses of Letraset Fineliner available and I tend to use the 0.1 (thinnest) and the 0.5 (middle […]

How to blend with Promarkers – Tutorial/video

Blending your Promarkers can be very satisfying but difficult, so I share some of my tips for a more successful blend. I use the exact same colour palette of 6 markers that I used last month with the ‘layered’ method and on the same paper. I did this so you can compare the finished drawings but also the […]

How to ‘layer’ colours using Promarkers: Tutorial/Video

Blending your Promarkers can be tricky, especially for a beginner, so IS there an alternative? Well, I’m a watercolourist as well as marker-user and i’d like to share the ‘layers’ method with you. Simply put, this is a way to colour with markers and create depth but without having to blend them. Read on to find […]

How to use the Blender Pen: Tutorial/Video

So you’ve got some Promarkers and they came with a ‘Blender Pen’, but you have no idea how to use it or what its for? Fear not and read on as I share a few simple tips to get the most out of your Blender Pen… And if you just can’t wait, then WATCH the […]

Promarkers: Basic colour blending, Tutorial & Video

You’ve got some Promarkers but you’re not quite sure how to ‘blend’ them? Don’t worry, read on as I share a couple of simple tips to blend your Promarkers with a bit more confidence… Read on down to the bottom for news of this month’s GIVEAWAY…:D And if you can’t wait, then watch the tutorial video […]

Drawing a Fir Tree with Promarkers: Tutorial/Video

With Christmas coming up, i’m sure many people will be drawing/colouring fir trees and my blog explains how to draw a simple one using just 3 promarkers. This approach will give you a little more realism than the usual spiky flat green trees – not that I don’t like those Read on down to the […]

Aquamarkers: Watercolour Marker Basics – Tutorial/Video

So you’ve got some Aquamarkers but you’re not quite sure how to use them? This blog tutorial takes you through the basics; nothing fancy and no-frills, just the basic way to start using your Aquamarkers. I talk you through 3 simple processes to help get results from your Aquamarkers and include links to a video tutorial as […]