About Sonia Leong

Sonia Leong is a professional illustrator specialising in Anime and Manga. She first rose to fame with the 2005 Tokyopop Rising Stars of Manga (UK & Ireland) competition. Since then her popular Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (SelfMadeHero) has had numerous global editions.Her work appears in DOMO: The Manga (Tokyopop), Comic Book Tattoo (Image) and the I, Hero series (Hachettes). She has worked for Walker, Barrington Stoke, Ilex and Quarto amongst many other publishers on various children's books and instructional art books. She's geekily proud of her art being part of the set of British TV sitcom, The I.T. Crowd (Channel 4). She is the company secretary of Sweatdrop Studios. She loves clothes, singing, food and weaponry! For more about Sonia, visit her website, http://fyredrake.net/

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Drawing Weapons in Manga

Drawing impressive weapons can feel impossible for beginners and seeing amazing designs in manga and videogames can sometimes even make the inexperienced despair at the thought… but don’t be intimidated! Treat them like any other object: break them down into some basic shapes to get the feel of them right; use guidelines to make sure [...]

Manga clothing and covering the body

Once you have learnt the basics of how to draw Manga characters bodies and anatomy, you can start dressing them effectively and realistically. Many artists try to jump into the deep end by trying to tackle both at once, but it is vitally important to visualise the body without clothes before dressing it! If you [...]

Interaction in Manga

Finally, we get to the nitty gritty of drawing Manga – interaction. Because good Manga have meaningful character relationships. And that means drawing characters not just on their own, but together. Whether it’s just two people talking to each other in the same frame of a comic, or a large splash illustration of a close [...]

Using Perspective and Foreshortening in Manga

So, you have mastered drawing characters in general, but the moment you try placing them in environements, or use more dynamic camera angles where you’re looking down or up at them, or they are reaching towards the camera… everything starts to go wrong! You have to start accounting for perspective – where things appear smaller [...]

Manga Action Poses

Drawing characters standing or sitting is one thing, but drawing them in motion and action poses is quite another! Even if you know your anatomy inside out, it can be pretty tough to draw characters in dynamic poses with a real sense of life and movement. The first step to getting that feeling of movement [...]

Manga Basic Poses – Standing and Sitting

Once you’ve practised drawing simple human anatomy and getting more comfortable with body proportions, you can start posing your characters in full body shots. Here are various basic standing and sitting poses. It’s important to reference poses from real life when you first start drawing characters, because even what appears to be a simple standing [...]

Drawing Manga Female Characters

Leading on from the last tutorial about drawing male characters, let’s have a look at getting female characters right. Females come in many different shapes and sizes, more so than males (because there are more lumps, bumps and curves to consider!). Because of this, I’m going to focus on traditional feminine shapes that are easy [...]

Drawing Manga Male Characters

So now you know how to draw basic human figures… but we’re all shaped differently, particularly (once we reach our teenage years) if you look at the differences between genders. A very common problem for many artists when they first start drawing Manga is learning how to draw characters that are recognisably male. In Manga [...]