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I’m a non-binary transgender queer storyteller with an interest in philosophical and societal issues. Above all, I’m interested in humanity, compassion and equality, which tend to be what my comics are about! I'm a member of UK-based manga studio Sweatdrop, and you can find my work at nattherat.co.uk. P.S. My pronouns are ey, em, and eir, but they, them and their are acceptable too.

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Brushmarkers #2

Hello and welcome to this final post of the year from me! So here’s where we left off last time, having used the Sky Blue brushmarker to add shading that varies from bold to subtle. The brushmarkers are a very exciting addition to your toolbox as an artist! Above I’ve worked into the image more […]

Brushmarkers #1

Hello all! I thought I’d do a quick look at the new Windsor & Newton brushmarkers, because they’re a very exciting development. The Sweatdrop Studios mascot makes for a great subject to use markers with, given how bright and vibrant her character is. I begin with a layer of powder blue promarker for her light […]

Tonal Value: Constructs & Vehicles #3

Welcome to the final post on tonal value from me! Similarly to the two space station illustrations in the previous posts, once again we start with an inked piece, with a good chunk of the value work complete in sheer black and white. What sets this apart from the others however is the large array […]

Tonal Value: Constructs & Vehicles #2

Hello all! So this time, let’s take a look at a more detailed shot. As a close-up of one of the rings of the space station featured in the previous post, this particular inked drawing has a lot more detail contained within it. However, as before, it can benefit from a greater range of value […]

Tonal Value: Constructs & Vehicles #1

Hello all! While I’ve looked a lot at value for narrative work, including some in-depth looks at both environments and characters, I haven’t really touched upon artificial/constructed objects. I think it’s worth mentioning some of the wider applications of value to demonstrate how it makes up the foundation of all work. So for the next […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #4

Hello all! So last time, we started the tonal plan of the comic, and this time we’re beginning thumbnails.   The opening spread of the story is a very tonally dark one. The main character is alone, and even towards the end of the second page; a little frightened. As a narrative/sequential artist, it’s your […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #3

Hello all! Last time I went through the process of designing characters with an emphasis on legibility and reproduction (after all, what is a comic if you cannot read it?). This time, I’ll be going into tonal planning! Now I have covered tonal planning before, and the in-depth explanations in that post are very worth […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #2

Hello! Today we’ll continue on from the previous post (found here), in which I worked to find a colour palette perfect for print reproduction in both colour and black and white. With a few adjustments (darker tones for shadow colours, for B&W reproduction), the palette was ready, so this post is more about the technical […]