Manga Character Design: Japanese Street Fashion II

Welcome to part two of this tutorial on Japanese street fashion will cover Mori, Bosozuku and Decora styles! Mori literally means ‘forest’, so mori girls are very influenced by that environment when it comes to colours, motifs, textures and general appearance. The overall feel of a mori outfit should be that of Nature: think woodsy, […]

3 Simple tips for better Promarker blending!

3 simple and easy ways to blend your Promarker colours more successfully.  To keep it simple, I’m using a character from Pokémon, ‘Shiny Scizor’, that is made up of just one colour, green.  But I’ll still have to blend light and dark greens together well. I have 3 top tips for this that I’ve been experimenting […]

Tonal Value: Lighting A Scene #3

In the previous post, I set a little exercise to help the process of coming up with scene ideas (both in concept and in value). The exercise uses random dice rolls to determine a set of prompts designed to challenge you into thinking about a combination of factors you may not otherwise consider. It’s also […]

Monotone Notecards

Hi, it’s Enfys here to share with you some quick little notecards that I made – I love making sets of these to give to friends as a little hostess or birthday gift. I wanted to make them monotone, which I think always looks classy! I started the first one by stamping some flower sprays […]

Colouring Transparent Balloons

Hi everyone, it’s Enfys here again with a little tutorial on colouring balloons. They often look so solid when coloured, so I do them this way……….. Firstly I had to find a balloon stamp, of all the many many stamps I own, this was the only one I could find with a bunch of balloons, […]

Emergency Wrap

What happens when a last minute birthday party is sprung upon you? if you are super organized, or if you had small children and you go to lots of parties, then maybe you have spare gifts tucked away.. just in case.. I have done this in the past, found cool gifts in the sale and […]

Manga Character Design – Japanese School Children

Hello everyone! It may be the school holidays, but today we’re going back to school to take a quick look at Japanese school uniforms. Love them or hate them, there’s something iconic about the sailor fuku (or seifuku). The shirt is based off Victorian navy uniform designs, with a large collar reminiscent of a neckerchief […]

Tonal Value: Lighting A Scene #2

Last post we looked at getting started with lighting your scenes, taking into account what time of day, the weather, and what sort of environment the scene was in. This week I’m going to differ from the norm a bit and set an exercise! At this point, there is enough information over the last 15 […]