Tennis, Anyone? Jazz up your shoes!

    It finally looks like spring will be coming soon!  The weather is warming up a bit and snow melting.  Well, at least here in the southern midwest U.S.A. I like to think outside the box when working with my ProMarkers and other Letraset items.  Being a mixed media artist, I look for everything […]

Zendoodle Teapot

Good morning all, yay its nearly the weekend, what have you all got planned? You can find this post and more Letraset posts and Promarker projects on my  BLOG HERE. This week I decided to have a little play and do something different. It’s not quite finished yet and needs to be added to a project […]

Manga Character Design: Chinese Ghosts

Hello everyone! Today we’re still in China, but the spookier, scarier parts instead. China is famous for its ghost stories, so let’s take a look at a couple of classic Chinese ghosts. The first, and probably the most famous, is the chiang-shih – or hopping ghost. Though people call it a ghost, it’s actually more […]

Adventures with Manga Coloring

  This post is for those who are afraid to try something new.  I have never colored a Manga image, but I have seen such glorious art; I wanted to try it.  I know this is a learning curve, and if mistakes are made, I will know for the next time what to do better! […]

How to colour straight hair with Flexmarkers – Tutorial/Video

Struggling to draw hair with your markers?? This blog tutorial explains how to colour simple straight hair using Flexmarkers (or you could use Promarkers instead).  I chose to draw Legolas, from ‘Lord of the Rings’, for this tutorial as he has straight blond hair and this would be easier to demonstrate. CHECK OUT THIS MONTHS FLEXMARKER ‘GIVEAWAY‘ AT […]

Manga Character Design: Modern Chinese Fashion and the Cheongsam

Hi everyone. Today I thought I would talk a little about the cheongsam. Generally modern fashion in China is very influenced by Western style. So if you want to add a little more traditional Chinese flavour to your designs, the cheongsam is the ideal garment. Not only because it is very iconically Chinese, but also […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #2

Hello! Today we’ll continue on from the previous post (found here), in which I worked to find a colour palette perfect for print reproduction in both colour and black and white. With a few adjustments (darker tones for shadow colours, for B&W reproduction), the palette was ready, so this post is more about the technical […]

ProMarkers: Paper and Dimension

Here in the U.S., we just got dumped with Tons of Snow!  The groundhog may have seen its shadow, but spring isn’t here quite yet. I like to make “elements” or “embellishments,” to have on hand as I create a journal, or collage layout. ProMarkers are perfect because I can design beautiful elements quickly, and […]