Panelling and page layout

Panelling is incredibly important for a comic. It controls how the story unfolds on a page, and getting it wrong can render a comic unreadable. There is a fine balance between making a page dynamic and interesting, and keeping it comprehensible. Panelling is one of the things I still find a real challenge, even after [...]

Using Promarkers: Carved Stone Pattern

This blog explains how to use Promarkers to show simple light/shade and a ‘carved‘ stone surface. I was drawing part of an illustration that involved a carved standing stone this time, after drawing a textured surface on the last blog. Once I had drawn out the picture and inked the pencil lines with Letraset Fineliners, I [...]

Basics: Wood Texture

This time I want to talk about something less figurative and instead I decided to cover how to go about a certain kind of texture, wood. We all know what wood looks like, and we all have something made out of wood at home somewhere. Wood pattern have such a great variety that it is [...]

Tonal Value: Planning A Narrative #6

Welcome to the final part of this overview of narrative planning! Our narrative plan is on the brink of completion, and all that remains is to solve the issue that we identified in the previous post. When working on any artwork, whether rough or final, it is important to remember that mistakes happen. It can [...]

Drawing Musical Instruments

Hello again! Today we’re going to look at drawing instruments. Instruments are another great accessory for hinting at a character’s personality. From dainty flutes to heavy, loud guitars – each instrument has a personality of its own! Similar to the weapons in Sonia’s tutorial, you should begin by drawing the basic shape of the instrument. [...]

Basics: Pleated Skirt

When it comes to colouring characters, it is not just about the skin, hair or eyes, but the clothing too. Clothes can tell a lot about a character and should be treated as equally as important as the character’s features. Until now I had a lot of male characters in my tutorials as examples, so [...]

Easter Egg HUnt

This month I have been using Flexmarkers, I needed to make a poster for an Easter Egg Hunt.  My friend Jay had done a sketch of a Bunny girl, and very kindly allowed me to use it. I changed it up slightly until I ended up with this outline.    I started with her ears, [...]

Tonal Value: Planning A Narrative #5

Welcome back!  We’re almost at the end of this narrative plan, so let’s jump right on in!   Here is the final spread in our narrative line-up! The build-up and climax of the story are extremely dramatic, so both composition and tone is used to convey this. The composition of both pages is very vertical, [...]