Direct To Rubber Place Card with Aqua Markers

          At holiday times, I like to add festive touches to my table!  Now place markers are perfect!  Notice there isn’t a name.  It doesn’t bother me where anyone sits, you can change the image stamped or add a name, or do like I did just keep it festive.   Direct […]

Tonal Value: Promarkers Limited Edition Autumn/Fall/Winter set

Hello all, and welcome to this post on the Limited Edition Autumn/Fall/Winter promarker set! Here we’ll be going through an illustration from start to finish, using the markers from this set, as well as the Spring/Summer set from earlier this year! These two sets compliment each other extremely well, and make for a great versatile […]

New Practice Sheets

I have been working with the Letraset team to put together some practice sheets that you can download free HERE to practice your colouring and blending shades. I made a video showing how I intend to use them……. I hope you enjoy them, and find them a useful tool to help your colouring skills I […]

ProMarker Trivet Tiles

I always design gifts to give to my friends and loved ones.  They come from the heart and are treasured by those I give them to.  This is very easy to accomplish, doesn’t take a lot of time so you can make many of these to give out.   Important:  For this project, I used […]

Manga Character Design: High Fantasy

The Manga universe wouldn’t be complete without some fantasy series. Well-loved in prose fiction, plays and now various films, we all enjoy tales of epic adventure, chivalry and magic. It is a huge genre to cover however, so I’m going to start off with some pointers on designing ‘High Fantasy’ characters. Much of this sort […]

Pop Art Planes

This face is done with planes and contours rather than the small details. Picking out these shapes means you can really play with colours. I am using a combination of the Spring/Summer Ltd Edition set and the new Autumn/Winter Ltd Edition set. These 2 provided me with a great selection of colours with which to […]


Good morning all, yay its nearly the weekend, what have you all got planned? Hopefully I can get some colouring done this weekend, I’ve not been able to play with my pens as much as usual and I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms hehe  :) Before I start: If you are looking for the winner of […]

Tonal Value: Lighting A Scene #8

Welcome to this final post in this series exploring how to light a scene! It’s been quite a journey, but it’s time to wrap this space station scene up. Here’s where we left off last time, with the bulk of the scene rendered. The remaining tasks are detail tasks, adding nuances that lend the scene […]