Tonal Value: Lighting A Scene #2

Last post we looked at getting started with lighting your scenes, taking into account what time of day, the weather, and what sort of environment the scene was in. This week I’m going to differ from the norm a bit and set an exercise! At this point, there is enough information over the last 15 […]

Live the life you’ve imagined

Thank you for all the comments about my last tag featuring the white embossing and promarker colouring, this time I’m keeping with the grungy style but working with Letraset Inks and Aquamarkers… To make the layered butterfly I randomly stuck the tissue tape to a piece of card then die cut the solid wings from […]

Rainbow Cards…..

  I had a few ideas for cards using rainbow pattern paper – the trouble was, I didn’t have any, so out came my ProMarkers and I just swiped them across some card to get the effect I wanted, the colours blended nicely into each other…… I started by cutting a strip to cover the […]

Tonal Value: Lighting a Scene #1

Hello and welcome back! In this post, we’ll be looking at tonal value in your narrative scenes. Again, this post assumes you’ve read all the posts in the series up to this point, so things have started to get a bit technical. If it’s hard to follow at any point, it might be a good […]

Time Flies

I decided to try out a technique that used white embossing powder instead of black or clear for a brighter effect. First up, I stamped out the images with a pale coloured water based ink – I’ve used clear stamps, but if you use a stamp-positioner you can use rubber stamps Then I coloured the […]

Sweet Lil Gift Box

This month  I have made a sweet gift box, perfect for the end of summer term gifts, why don’t you make some of these for your children’s teachers. I started by scribbling with Aquamarkers onto a non porous surface and spritzing this with water. I then used a brayer to pick up the ink and transfer it […]

Tonal Value: Establishing A Style #2

In the previous post, I talked about establishing a style for a narrative. This is an extremely crucial step for two reasons: the first is for the narrative itself, and the second is for product/experience design. For Rel El, the rules I’ve set down for the tone is that the mundane world is represented by […]

Manga Character Design: Traditional Japanese Outfits

Hi again! This week I’ll be following Sonia’s feudal Japanese designs with some modern, but traditional, costumed characters. While they aren’t everyday wear, traditional clothing is still worn for some special events/circumstances – for festivals and ceremonies especially. First up, we have a miko (shrine maiden) in her outfit. She is dressed in a white […]