Limited Edition Promarkers – not just for spring/summer

Have you seen the new Limited Edition Promarker release? these colours are just perfect – ideal for all your colouring projects, and not just Spring and Summer projects. At work I’m gearing up for 3 days of teaching at our Winter Craft Retreat, so I’ve been designing and creating lots of Autumnal, Christmas and general […]

Tonal Value: Promarkers Limited Edition Spring/Summer set

Hello, and welcome to this special post on the Limited Edition Spring/Summer set of Promarkers available! This set has a really nice range of colours, in both hue and value (to recap, that means the colour itself, and how light or dark it is!), so the small illustration task I’ve set for myself is a […]

Blending realistic skin tones – Promarkers

Blending good skin tones can be tricky, especially when a lot of people’s idea of skin is pink (you know what I mean, a little bit of red and a lot of white?), but what about all the different skin colours of the people in the world today? Well, luckily Letraset make 2 really good packs […]

Colouring – Hints, Tips and Basics

  Wow it’s finally here, my first post as a shiny new DT member for Letraset! To say I’m excited would be an extreme understatement lol. To celebrate my brand new shine, I’m giving away a fabby brand new 12 set of Promarkers :)and some Digi images Head over to MY BLOG now for all of the details. I am planning on […]

Tonal Value: Lighting A Scene #5

Welcome back! As with last time, let’s jump straight back into the project. Here’s where we left off, with the linework complete and the values planned out. Unsurprisingly, as is often the case when still learning as you go as I am, I decided partway during the painting that I wanted to do more with the […]

Reverse Backgrounds

Hi, it’s Enfys here with a very quick, no fuss colouring method today, that looks pretty effective, and is perfect for those quick cards How many of you have a reverse background stamp? These are stamps with large areas of solid rubber, with a pattern etched into them. I have a couple and have never […]

Oriental fan

This month I decided to try out the new Limited Edition promarker colours on dry waxed deli paper… I had no idea if this would work, but it did. the ink does not dry immediately on the deli paper giving you longer to blend. I started with 2 sheets of deli paper, and stamped flowers […]

Tonal Value: Lighting A Scene #4

Welcome back! Since we’re in the middle of an exciting short project here, let’s jump straight back into it! After using the method described in this post, I developed an idea for a scene based on a few set limitations decided on by dice rolls, which were: “half indoors, half outdoors, sunrise/set, very sunny, only one light source, […]