Hi All, We want to take this opportunity to share with you some exciting news with regards to our awesome ProMarker. Check out the video to see for yourself. Watch This…. What is happening? This Autumn, ProMarker will be getting a whole new look as it will be moving over from Letraset to Winsor&Newton. Why […]

Promarkers: Basic colour blending, Tutorial & Video

You’ve got some Promarkers but you’re not quite sure how to ‘blend’ them? Don’t worry, read on as I share a couple of simple tips to blend your Promarkers with a bit more confidence… Read on down to the bottom for news of this month’s GIVEAWAY…:D And if you can’t wait, then watch the tutorial video […]

Drawing a Fir Tree with Promarkers: Tutorial/Video

With Christmas coming up, i’m sure many people will be drawing/colouring fir trees and my blog explains how to draw a simple one using just 3 promarkers. This approach will give you a little more realism than the usual spiky flat green trees – not that I don’t like those Read on down to the […]

Aquamarkers: Watercolour Marker Basics – Tutorial/Video

So you’ve got some Aquamarkers but you’re not quite sure how to use them? This blog tutorial takes you through the basics; nothing fancy and no-frills, just the basic way to start using your Aquamarkers. I talk you through 3 simple processes to help get results from your Aquamarkers and include links to a video tutorial as […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #4

Hello all! So last time, we started the tonal plan of the comic, and this time we’re beginning thumbnails.   The opening spread of the story is a very tonally dark one. The main character is alone, and even towards the end of the second page; a little frightened. As a narrative/sequential artist, it’s your […]

Birthday Balloons

Just a quick post from me today, because it’s my youngest daughters’ 9th birthday today. So I thought I’d share the card I made for her. I think this the balloons on this card illustrate the way you can layer promarkers and flexmarkers because of the translucency of the ink.   The image is “Surprise” […]

Safmat Teachers Gifts

hi again folks, well that’s the kids in Scotland now on holiday so I’ve been busy this week making teachers gifts and cards. Both my girls have a class teacher and a classroom assistant, so that’s 4 gifts to make. I started making gifts for the teachers 11 years ago when my son started school, […]

Tonal Value: A Comic From Start To Finish #3

Hello all! Last time I went through the process of designing characters with an emphasis on legibility and reproduction (after all, what is a comic if you cannot read it?). This time, I’ll be going into tonal planning! Now I have covered tonal planning before, and the in-depth explanations in that post are very worth […]